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Non-Intelligible Speech is Non-Distracting Speech.


Sound Masking is the Solution

Covering (or Masking) Sound is accomplished with Sound Masking. SoundMasking is the most effective and economical method to cover sound that permeates throughout a space.

In a typical office workday, distractions from speech/noise occur up to 30 times a day. (26 minutes per average workday)


Sound Masking "Masks" speech that cause distractions and renders them unintelligible. Hence, it is the Masking of Sound.

Sound Masking:

  • Creates Speech Privacy by covering sound

  • Covers articulate frequencies of speech we use to comprehend

  • Fosters a relaxing sense of privacy

  • Sounds Like a relaxing, low Hummm

  • Also commonly referred to as "White Noise"


*Our SoundMasking Solutions are HIPAA Compliant

Sound  Masking

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