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Absorbent Wall & Ceiling panels mitigate sound, noise, and echoes in resonant rooms. Office Acoustic Panels are the answer.


As sound bounces around a room, it amplifies and multiplies. Office Acoustical Panels absorb the sound.


The volume increases and creates a noisy, echoey, work atmosphere. Office Panels decrease the volume. 


The direct sound path multiplies into many reflective sound paths and distorts speech intelligibility. (like a cave) An Acoustical Office system is the solution.

AcoustiSpace Acoustical Panel Treatments

  • Enhance speech intelligibility

  • Absorbing Panels lower office volume

  • Acoustic Fabric Panels absorb up to 80% of echo noise

  • Acoustical Panels allow people to converse at a normal volume without increasing intensity over other speech/noise


Acoustispace Sound Panels are HIPAA Compliant and Leed V4 Certified. Absorbent Office panels are often paired with Soundmasking for the optimal effect.


Studies show that acoustically treated workplaces enhance staff productivity by 30%.

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