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It used to be a sign of an incredible restaurant to have a noisy dining room. In fact, doesn't it stand to reason that even if there are 4 people dining but it sounds like 100 it will seem busier and attract more people?

No. People having to shout to be heard, losing their voices by the end of the night, and being exhausted by the entire experience is not a pleasant night for most working people. Though college students may consider a lost voice to be a sign of a great night, working people have to get up the next day and present sounding like the Godfather to a group full of potential clients.

What does this mean? It means you may have customers that won't come back due to your building's noise volume. Creating the best food in the city and having the most trendy decor on the block doesn't outweigh your customers being exhausted at the end of a meal due to noise. Your customers won't come back and most won't ever tell you why.

Acoustispace takes a different approach to designing for restaurants by trying to capture the natural acoustics of the room. Rather than trying to amplify the sound that is occurring in the restaurant and making 4 customers seem like 100, we dampen it enough to allow for normal conversation while maintaining an excitement from the natural noise of conversation and normal dinner noise. Our sound designs are created for a room at max capacity so everyone can talk in comfort while enjoying a wonderful meal.

Ready to make your customers dining experience more pleasurable? Call us at 844-407-6863 for tips on how to reduce noise or to discuss how we can reduce your restaurant's noise or click here to see how we can help.

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