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Game Changing Acoustics

Without going into too much comparison, there are a few principle reasons that AcoustiSpace is different from other acoustic solution companies. These differences are what we consider “game changers”. Both in regards to other companies in our field and what truly makes the difference when it comes down to proper acoustical treatment of your work space. This applies in the short term and in the long term.

Argument #1: Acousticians: Specialists -vs- Generalists

There are marked differences between the skill sets Acousticians bring to a project as opposed to a generalist trade. Unfortunately, these trades often do not take the correct measures to make sure these systems/materials are installed optimally (Rightfully so, as this should not fall into their lap) and thus nullifies the desired effect. This leaves the client unsatisfied with their purchase and questioning its impact. Acousticians (i.e. AcoustiSpace) specialize in not only identifying if a project requires acoustical treatment, but also in the correct design, installation, and tuning of said materials. This guarantees that the client's investment becomes optimized and is utilized to its full value. This is our specialty, and we take pride in doing the heavy lifting that other groups should not have to encounter.

Argument #2: AcoustiSpace -vs- “Big Box” brands

Acoustical treatment is nothing new to the commercial work space. For many years projects both new and pre-existing have required various acoustical methods to deal with privacy and noise pollution. So, naturally there are many companies that cater to these needs, AcoustiSpace included. These other “big box” brands all offer a solution to a client, however none of them offer all of the solutions. (For example; HP makes great laptops, but does not make cell phones, so if you were to need a cellphone and HP sells you a laptop, well then this would not solve your problem.) This is where AcoustiSpace is a game changer. We exist to not sell you a single solution, but rather provide the full list of possible solutions. There is no “magic bullet”, but there is a combination of the right ingredients that can properly acoustically treat your workplace. We can come into a project and identify which one(s) will provide the solution. (i.e. sound masking, acoustic panels, room isolation, etc)

The Breakdown of these two arguments are perfect examples of what AcoustiSpace can bring to the table. Identifying, presenting, and implementing the proper solutions to the adequate project is what we take pride in accomplishing for our clients and customers alike.

AcoustiSpace Acoustical Solutions


Author: Mike Bocchieri

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