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                                          Some Common Acoustical FAQs

What is Sound Masking?
A Means of covering Speech or sound, rendering it unintelligible and therefore non-distracting and HIPAA Speech Privacy compliant

How does sound masking work?
It covers the frequencies used to perceive and understand speech

Does Sound Masking Cancel Speech?
No, it mitigates speech and distracting noises, rendering them non-distracting

Where is sound masking installed?
Drop Ceiling: It goes in the plenum 
Open Ceiling: Decorative speakers hang typically from the deck or girders


Is Sound Masking Wireless/Blutooth?
No, because the speakers need power 24/7 to operate and batteries would not be sufficient to last any length of time

When Is sound masking the optimal solution?
If a room does not have excessive echo, but has a lot of talking or if speech privacy is necessary

How Else can I control sound?
Airborne Sound can be isolated by containing the sound from intruding beyond the source area by blocking it’s potential transmission. Sound isolation can be accomplished by creating appropriate barriers and/or reducing the reflected sounds in the source area by acoustical absorption within the source area

Can you fix a very echoey room?
Yes, there are only two acoustical tools available to improve sound inside an echoey room, whether that room is huge or tiny: sound absorption and sound diffusion.

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